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I've known Jan now for 45 years! I've always loved her artwork, so I knew exactly who to commission for the latest portrait I wanted. Jan has a remarkable way of capturing the soul of the subject through their eyes, making them “come alive” in the process. I just love my Mucklestone originals!

Commission work: Chadwick Boseman


Jan was gifted not only a beautiful talent with her art abilities, but also with her beautiful soul and spirit. I have two pieces of art by this incredible artist, who I am also lucky enough to call my friend. The artwork she has done for me are of two of the most important souls I have lost in this world. She captured them so beautifully that sometimes I forget that they are not real when I look at them, and in that moment it feels as if they are still with me. Thank you Jan gracing my life with not only your art, but with your friendship!


Commission work: Erin's dog, Minnie

My dear friend Jan Mucklestone sent me this amazing portrait she painted of Ringo. I am so thrilled and so grateful. She is an amazing talent and Ringo is an amazing soul. There is a cosmic connection between the two of them, of this I am certain. Without having met…is Jan channeling his spirit? Magnificent!!! As a mere observer….I am truly blessed!

She mentioned that she hadn’t picked up her colors in a while ….and a Facebook picture of Ringo I had posted ignited the creative spark within her and was inspired to draw him… creative types will understand.


Commission work: Mick's dog, Ringo

profile  pup.jpg

“Jan's art always has soul. She is very talented.
We all enjoy seeing her pieces.”


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